Official presentation of the TRM 2000

In the nineteen-seventies, the tactical support vehicles used by the army on rugged terrain (Simca Marmon and SAVIEM TP3) needed to be replaced.

In March 1981, Renault Véhicules Industriels (RVI), ex-SAVIEM, presented the TRM 2000 to the French army for its tactical vehicle fleet. The TRM 4-wheel drive can carry a load of 2 tonnes, descend 30% slopes, cross 80 cm creeks and climb 50% slopes. It is fitted with a 4-cylinder MAN engine.

The TRM 2000 was selected as the replacement vehicle and the manufacturer’s special equipment design and development branch handled the order. Built in the Blainville sur Orne plant, the first vehicles were delivered to the army’s data transmission regiments in 1982. By 1994, 5,600 vehicles were in operation. Their production stopped in the nineteen-nineties but the TRM 2000 continued to serve the army for many years. The civil version, with a shorter chassis, was highly appreciated by the fire department which purchased a large number.


Article : Milinfo, Véhicules & matériels : le TRM 2000 [en ligne], available on 31 mars 2017

Video : Essai tout terrain TRM 2000, available on

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