VB2L Ultima fed 2021
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VB2L Ultima presented at FED trade show 2021

During the Forum Défense Entreprises, Arquus wished to present a VB2L Ultima, the latest evolution of the Army's VBL and VB2L, to demonstrate its support capabilities throughout the vehicle's life cycle

The latest version of the VBL, the VBL Ultima, combines Arquus' expertise in the renovation and evolution of vehicle configurations. The objective of this program is to increase the operational capabilities of the VBL, by improving the vehicle's road handling, payload and safety, in order to enable it to win the battles that the Army will have to fight in the years to come.

A re-engined version of the VBL

The VBL is repowered, giving it enhanced tactical mobility capabilities. It also features a new brake assist system and improved front and rear suspension systems to allow for increased payload and improved vehicle handling. More powerful and safer, the Ultima VBL integrates seamlessly into collaborative combat, with the addition of Contact radio.

vbl ultima ligne de production vue d'intérieur

Interior view of the Ultima VBL

The Marolles and Saint-Nazaire plants dedicated to the production of VBL Ultima

To enable the production of the Ultima VBL, two modern production lines have been set up at Arquus Marolles and at Saint-Nazaire. These production lines provide work for teams of several dozen people who are fully committed to the armed forces and aware of the importance of their mission.

Several dozen Ultima VBL have already been delivered to the forces.

vbl ultima ligne de production Marolles