Tier 2 of the VT4 program confirmed for Arquus


Tier 2 of the VT4 program confirmed for Arquus

The Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) of the Armies announced on Thursday, September 6th, the signature of the second tier of 1.200 Standard 2 VT4. A total of 4.380 VT4 will be equipping the Army by 2025, replacing the P4 liaison vehicle.

A new agreement with the French army

Delivered by Arquus’ industrial plant in Saint-Nazaire, the VT4 is a light and versatile, non-armored, 4x4 vehicle for command and liaison purposes, designed to transport 5 soldiers or 4 operators equipped with the FELIN fighting system.

Designed for domestic operations (Anti-terrorism Sentinelle operation, or training purposes), or foreign operations in stabilized conflict zones, the VT4 offers versatility and agility on all kinds of grounds.

The vehicle has been fitted with many security systems, as well as all comfort equipment needed to save the soldiers’ strength in operations, even after a long journey (air conditioning, comfortable seating, sound-proof compartment). The VT4 thus matches the latest generation of civilian vehicles, guaranteeing optimal conditions for the soldier.

The services package is fully integrated and innovative. It includes a firm commitment of 90% of operational technical availability on the whole fleet.

Arquus will be delivering 500 vehicles by the end of 2018. Production of standard 2 will begin as soon as 2019.

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