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Scarabee patsas

The Scarabee Patsas is a new tool of your missions such as rapid reaction force, deep infiltration and strike, convoy escort, or direct fire support to the infantry. The Scarabee was designed as one consistent and efficient platform for weapons and sensors.

Fast, Silent and Lethal

light is right

The Scarabee is a highly mobile weapon system, able to top 130km/h or to progress alongside the infantry in silence thanks to its 100% electric mode. Its aluminium hull provides lightness as well as high protection against ballistic and mine threats.

In combat phase, the acceleration of the Scarabee (50HP/T) shortens the leaps forward from a shooting position to another, its compact design allowing to use the smallest covered positions. The high quality of its optic sensors and the ARQUUS battle management system BattlenetTM provides a highly accurate situational awareness. The Scarabee can be equipped with the ARQUUS Hornet RCWS including 12.7mm machine gun, an independent rotative smoke grenade launcher and possibly an ATMG. The Scarabee can also beat equipped with 25mm, a short 30mm or a 4 x ATMG RCWS with more to go in the storage bay transforming Scarabee into a perfect tank hunter-killer.

These firepower capabilities allow the Scarabee to be used in raids against medium armored vehicles, mechanized infantry and even to destroy MBTs. Its speed and compactness combined to a high protection level, both mine and ballistic, will insure a good survivability on the battlefield. With these abilities, a squadron of the Scarabee is able to limit the advance of the enemy by striking quickly and hard, then to fall back in order to start over again. The Scarabee, thanks to its size and weight can be helicopter lifted, deployed by C130 or just concealed in a truck or a container. Our belief is that Special Forces will take advantage of the combination of firepower, speed, stealth and compactness…


The major advantage of the Scarabee is that it is a native hybrid vehicle. The electric machine can boost the diesel engine, make braking recovery, and feed the systems with a high level of electric power but most of all: the Scarabee can run in 100% electric mode. Thanks to the 12KW/h batteries, the Scarabee is able to make a 10km off-road approach in perfect silence and with a very low thermal signature, pushing back the moment of detection. It can also accompany the advance of the infantry at very low speed without starting the engine. Back to base, the Scarabee will be able to power the base camp with its 70KW power capacity or maintain a wired surveillance drone all night on idle to improve surveillance and security of the installations.

collaborative combat

The Scarabee benefits from the ARQUUS battle management system: BattlenetTM. BattlenetTM provides the unit with a complete collaborative situational awareness: vehicle status, weapon status, tactical map, blue force tracking, collaborative protection and 360° proximity cameras with a user-friendly interface in order to limit the team’s workload and improve decision making. It allows sharing communication, data and videos inside the vehicle, but also with other vehicles. Combined with the agility and firepower, BattlenetTM turns the Scarabee into the complete combat system of the future.