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A reliable partner in the face of European security challenges

In the midst of current geopolitical tensions, Arquus, a key player in the European defense industry specializing in the manufacture of wheeled armored vehicles, asserts its presence and commitment in Romania by participating in the BSDA expo, Hall B - stand B401 - from May 22 to 24 in Bucharest, Romania. This event takes place in a context of strengthening military cooperation and industrial partnerships in Europe in response to the war in Ukraine.

Arquus strengthens industrial cooperation with Romania

VBL Ultima

VBL Ultima

Arquus has been present in the Romanian market for over a decade, supplying Small Protected Vehicles (PVP: Petit Véhicule Protégé) acquired by the Romanian military police. The company has primarily developed local industrial partnerships, working in concert with Romanian companies to provide equipment and armaments integrated into various French and international programs.

In recent years, Arquus has demonstrated the quality and versatility of its range of military vehicles in Romania, including its best-seller, the SHERPA light armored vehicle, available in a family of vehicles. Its production in Romania could be done through cooperation with local public and private operators, thus showcasing Arquus' ability to unite and enhance the national defense industrial base for the sovereign acquisition and autonomous support of new capabilities for the Romanian Armed Forces.

Presence of a versatile fleet of Arquus vehicles in Romania

Arquus, known for its expertise in the production of armored vehicles, is a historic player in the French army, supplying 90% of its wheeled armored vehicles. With Operation AIGLE, many Arquus vehicles have operated in Romania, demonstrating their mobility, adaptability, and resilience : 

The following vehicles have been notably deployed:

  • VAB :Forward Armored Vehicle (Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé) - Highly mobile and versatile APC capable of carrying out missions ranging from troop transport to fire support.
  • VBL : Light Armored Vehicle (Véhicule Blindé Léger) - A high mobility 4x4 armored vehicle designed for reconnaissance, scout, cavalry, and infiltration missions.
  • PVP :Small Protected Vehicle (Petit Véhicule Protégé) - A 4x4 armored vehicle designed for protected transport and liaison missions.
  • GBC 180 : An iconic, versatile 6x6 military truck, capable of carrying 4 tons of payload.
  • VT4 : A non-armored 4x4 vehicle, designed for general liaison missions in stabilized areas.
  • VBCI and Caesar produced by KNDS France, with mobility components designed by Arquus.
  • VBMR GRIFFON : Multi-Role Armored Vehicle, produced as part of the Scorpion Program by a temporary group of companies. This 6x6 armored vehicle is primarily used as a troop transport vehicle.

These are just a few examples from Arquus' range, demonstrating the company's commitment to contributing to a safer world by offering states effective, reliable, and mission-adaptable ground systems. Arquus vehicles meet NATO standards, ensuring interoperability with NATO forces.