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In response to high intensity scenarios, Arquus unveils the prototype of its new 4x4 multi role armored vehicle, combining significant payload capacity, high protection, and medium caliber armament while maintaining excellent mobility: MAV RX is a true frontline vehicle.

A versatile multi-purpose platform

This versatile multi mission platform benefits from Arquus's globally recognized expertise in wheeled mobility. Equipped with independent wheel suspensions and a 400hp engine

wheeled mobility. Equipped with independent wheel suspensions and a 400hp engine coup led with a 7 speed automatic transmission, MAV ’RX delivers impeccable performance and handling across all terrains.

The highest standards of protection

The interior design allows for seamless communication among personnel, and thermal comfort is ensured for extreme conditions.

Controls and information are strategically distributed to reduce crew cognitive load. The BATTLENET system provides the vehicle commander with enhanced tactical awareness and quicker response times.

Wide range of on-board systems

MAV'RX is capable of integrating medium caliber weapon s. A t Eurosatory, it is showcased with JCD's CPWS turret (25mm) and can accommodate other weapon systems like the self defense HORNET RCWS .

Arquus, as an expert in system integration, ensures M A V ’Rx is optimized for high intensity operations.

From its inception, MAV’RX has been designed with battlefield maintenance and support constraints in mind to ensure maximum operational availability.

Outstanding mobility, exceptional survivability and fire support capability are the 3 great strengths of this vehicle!

Focus on Arquus MAV'RX capabilities:

  • 400hp engine coupled to a 7-speed automatic gearbox for top-level mobility.


  • Ground linkage contributing to the vehicle's high level of mobility, thanks in particular to independent wheel suspension, a centralized inflation system and a run-flat system.


  • Very high level of protection (according to STANAG 4569), resulting from Arquus' in-house know-how, guaranteeing the survival of on-board personnel.


  • Fitted with systems for additional crew protection: CBRN filtration, fire extinguishing system.


  • MAV'RX offers the highest levels of comfort and ergonomics. Air conditioning and heating are designed for all climatic environments. Interior space and access have been designed to the highest ergonomic standards.


  • Arquus Battlenet (C4) ensures the connectivity of the vehicle's various systems, while reducing the crew's cognitive load and saving time in decision-making.


  • Suitable for all weapon systems, including medium-calibre, the MAV'RX will be fitted with a JCD 25 mm CPWS turret at Eurosatory.