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The DRAILER : Arquus' 1st Robot

Arquus has always leveraged its expertise to protect soldiers in all operational theaters. Being able to use teleoperated or robotic vehicles to keep men and women out of harm's way has been a focus at Arquus for several years.

A remotely-operable 4x4 platform

The DRAILER is the result of this reflection, integrating Arquus' skills in mobility and system integration. Teleoperable up to 2 km, this robot provides a real advantage on the battlefield.

With its 4 wheel drive and steering, it is perfectly suited to various terrains, capable of t ackling gradi ent of up to 60% and side slopes of 30%. It can also travel up to 40 km/h off road and 90 km/h on road.

With electric propulsion, making it extremely silent, the D RAILER does not compromise on autonomy with its 14 kWh battery and its autonomous Diesel production unit allowing quick refueling between missions.

Its flat platform and payload capacity of up to 700 kg allow for numerous
configurations, direct and indirect fire support, electronic warfare, route clearing, anti drone protection, radio relay... Its modularity is another of its strengths. Designed to be cost effective and easy to manufacture, the DRAILER is simple to deploy and replace, providing an optimal solution for military operations.