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The Arquus' heritage conservatory opens its doors during the European Heritage Days on September 18th from 10 am to 6 pm in Garchizy.

The official inauguration of the Conservatory will take place on the "Place des Trois Glorieuses" at 11:00 a.m. under the presidency of Denis Thuriot, President of Nevers Agglomeration and in the presence of Mrs. Nadia Sollougb Senator of the Nièvre, and Mrs. Perrine Goulet Deputy of the 1st district of Nevers

First public opening

The aim of this Conservatory is to inventory, list, contextualise, highlight and present the objects, documents and vehicles that make up the history of Arquus or the historic brands that are part of the company's heritage.

The challenge is to gather post-World War II vehicles, in service or not in the French and foreign armed forces, such as the EBR, the AML, the VAB or the GBC 8KT truck. In a second phase, the Conservatoire set itself the objective of searching for older vehicles, wheeled or tracked, belonging to its historical heritage.

The association HOC (Historic Overland Club) honors us with its presence by exhibiting a dozen vehicles used by the US Army during the Second World War during the Battle of Normandy.

All the information on the heritage conservatory can be found here 

How to get to the conservatory ?

Adress: 353 rue Georges Merat 58600 Garchizy 

100 years of history in 2 mins