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Crucial factors in getting back to work

Since 6 April, industrial activity has been gradually resuming at ARQUUS, of course while strictly observing health recommendations. Jérôme Coumailleau, Technical Officer at the EBMR (Multi-Role Armoured Vehicles) grouping in Limoges and Jordan Horel, working in the RNT/VT4 sector in Saint-Nazaire shared their first impressions with us.


Before the return to work, MANAGERS AND WORKSHOP SUPERVISORS made sure they called staff members one by one to identify those individuals who were in a position to come back in to work. "Sophie Rol, my workshop supervisor, contacted me the week before and asked if I was OK to come back. She asked me about my family responsibilities associated with COVID-19. I was available and ready to come back to work", emphasises Jérôme Coumailleau, going on to say "Home is fine, but I wanted to get back to work. I called the toll-free number ARQUUS had set up everyday to get the latest info about when work was going to restart".

"I was a bit worried at the start, but once I arrived everything was fine" Jérôme Coumailleau

Jordan Horel didn't hesitate either: "All the safety measures were explained to me on the phone before restarting work, and I felt reassured so I didn't hesitate to come back in."

Careful observance of the COVID-19 health recommendations put in place at production sites quickly reassured employees and alleviated their legitimate concerns.

So as to comply to the greatest possible extent with the new safety regulations, not all staff have returned to the various sites at the same time. "On Tuesday we welcomed a dozen staff members. For the time being, just EBMR have resumed logistics work, with a few forklift truck operators as well for supplying the production line with parts."


To comply with the recommendations of the health authorities, how the production sites and workstations are organised has been completely re-examined, as confirmed by Jordan Horel: "We're spaced out in different zones within the workshop. At the moment, we're on our own at our workstations, whereas normally there'd be several of us." The same measure has been implemented at the military vehicle production centre in Limoges: "Statutory spacing has been implemented, everyone is spaced apart by 2 metres. Workstations have been re-examined in light of these measures, with production being re-organised to ensure people are appropriately spaced."

When they started back, everyone in the group was given a healthcare kit including antibacterial GEL, disinfectants, rolls of paper towels, a bleach spray and rubbish bags. All tools have currently to be cleaned before and after use. Any parts of a vehicle that have been touched by an employee must also be disinfected.


These safety measures inevitably affect production rates. "Production rates are currently lower than usual, but my work hasn't changed, there are just more safety measures." says Jérôme Coumailleau. ARQUUS has had to adapt its production, focusing on less labour-intensive activities, as is confirmed by Jordan Horel with regard to the Saint Nazaire site: "At present we're just sprucing things up before the production line starts up again."