ARQUUS, partner of the 1st RHP TERCENTENARY

The 1st Parachute Hussars Regiment (RHP), a French armoured cavalry regiment stationed in Tarbes, will celebrate its tercentenary in 2020.

Launch of tercentenary events

On 14 December, the 1st RHP held a Tercentenary events launch evening at the Ch√Ęteau de Chambord, attended by many civilian and military authorities, and around ten former regimental commanding officers.

ARQUUS, a Tercentenary partner, was associated with this event and will take part in the ceremonies on 7 to 9 May 2020.

About the 1st RHP

Founded under Louis XV by Count Ladislas de BERCHENY and formed by recruiting Hungarian cavalrymen, it is the oldest reconnaissance regiment in the French army.

"There is always a unit of the 1st RHP in action somewhere in the world".

It is the only armoured regiment in the 11th Parachute Brigade, with a strength of 1100 paratroopers, and has been part of the airborne troops since 1946. It is deployed in all the French army's foreign theatres of operation, and in this capacity will provide a significant contingent for operations in the Sahel-Sahara region in summer 2020.

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