ARQUUS, a key player in Army logistics

ARQUUS unveiled its new 8x8 carrier at the Forum Entreprise Défense (Defense Enterprise Forum) at Satory on 9 and 10 October 2019. As the first vehicle in a new logistics range, it joins the long list of trucks supplied to the armed forces by ARQUUS, which identifies as a company providing logistics to the Army of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

From the beginning, the history of Arquus has been closely entwined with the transport of Army troops and materials. As well as supplying the first motorised vehicle to the armies, the Panhard in 1898, then the Berliet and Renault trucks of the Voie Sacrée (Sacred Way), and the Latil tractors, Arquus also manufactures the legendary VLRA, found in all overseas theatres of operations. In addition, the company was responsible for the GBC 8KT, GBC 180, and TRM vehicles, which were army workhorses for decades, and still have an important part to play in Army logistics.

A historical know-how

Going still further in its service to the armies, Arquus is currently responsible for the maintenance and modernisation of its fleets, some of which have already exceeded 40 years of service. With a support network deployed on a national and international level, Arquus has historical expertise of maintenance in operational conditions (MCO) in external operations.

The 8x8 carrier, a powerhouse of innovation

The new Arquus 8x8 carrier is fully part of this heritage. Its base is produced in France and was specially designed for military applications. Its innovative power train was developed by Arquus using its own resources, with the support and expertise of the Volvo Group. The vehicle is equipped with ATC (Automatic Traction Control) electronic power train management, giving optimum mobility on all types of terrain while at the same time providing savings on fuel consumption, tyres and axle wear. It can be automated and hybridised on request thanks to technologies developed by Arquus.

This versatile rigid vehicle can support a broad range of missions for armies, such as logistics and strategic transport, carrying tankers and systems, or vehicle breakdown recovery. To ensure the safety of the crew, Arquus offers a ballistic and mine-protected cab version in compliance with STANAG 4569. The strength of powerful armies is based on their logistics. Arquus is therefore proud to present to you this first link in a new range of logistics vehicles, which will be produced and supported by French operators and maintained on national territory.

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