Arquus joins the GAI⁴A innovation cluster

For several years, Arquus has been resolutely committed to reducing consumption and optimizing the energy efficiency of military vehicles. This has resulted in a commercial offer of hybrid engines, but also in a reflection on energy management on the battlefield.

The GAI⁴A innovation cluster

Attached to the innovation group of the Technical Section of the Army (STAT), GAI⁴A (Groupement académies, industries, ingénieurs d'Ile-de-France pour l'innovation au profit de l'armée de Terre) aims to combine the skills of civilian and military actors in Ile-de-France, to bring out dual innovation projects for land and air-land equipment.

The creation of the GAI⁴A innovation cluster (Groupement Académies, Industries, Ingénieurs d'Ile-de-France pour l'Innovation au profit de l'Armée de Terre) allowed us to get closer to the IBISC Laboratory, University of Evry, University of Paris-Saclay, which has a recognized experience on the energy optimization of vehicles in structured environments. We quickly decided to combine our expertise to develop technologies adapted to military vehicles in unstructured environments.


Arquus GAI⁴A


Arquus' participation

Meeting in Paris on November 18, Etienne CHAVY, Arquus Defense Innovation Project Manager, Patrick CURMI, President of the University of Evry, and Engineer General of Armaments Nicolas DAGUE, Deputy Deputy Chief of Plans-Programs of the Army Staff, made official the launch of the first joint project conducted within the GAI⁴A innovation cluster
on the energy optimization of military vehicles.

The first stone of this project took the form of a CIFRE-AID thesis that began in October 2022 with joint IBISC/ARQUUS steering. The signing of the agreement for this first GAI⁴A project took place on November 18. Arquus is very proud to collaborate in the start-up of this innovation cluster on such an important theme.

Agreement for the GAI⁴A cluster project signed.