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ARQUUS, expert in survavility solutions

ARQUUS benefits from a team of dedicated experts guaranteeing compliance with nato ballistic and mine protection standards, STANAG 4569 in particular.

All mine and ballistic protection solutions are thoroughly tested and approved to STANAG4569 standards in official independent laboratories.


Our   expertise   concerning   the   SCARABEE’s   architecture  from  its  development  phase,  allows us to define optimal frame geometry. The  choice  of  suitable  armouring  material  and the processes used to assemble it have an  important  role  to  play,  both  in  terms  of  the integrity of the shell in relation to blast from buried mines or IED and impact resistance to ballistic threats.

The  protection  of  the  occupants  from  the  brutal   accelerations   the   shell   undergoes   in  a  blast  wave,  is  ensured  by  decoupling  systems   (anti-mine   seats   and   floating floors-in-house technology) and also by the proper integration of the interior equipment so that it does not become a secondary projectile. 

ARQUUS   relies   on   its   mastery   of   fast   dynamics   digital   simulation   in   order   to   optimise  the  performance  of  its  protection  solutions and to innovate, but also to significantly  reduce  development  time  (around  six  months  saved  for  the  latest  developments).

The   SCARABEE   concept   also   includes   a   number of innovations in the area of protection.  Innovations  relating  to  the  structure  of   the   shell   itself,   occupant   decoupling   systems  and  the  very  architecture  of  the  vehicle.