Netero Operation

Operation Serval began following the Malian president's call for help from the French at the end of January 2013. Within the framework of this military intervention, several operations followed one another, including Operation Netero, from 24 to 9 July 2013.

Deploying more than 600 Serval Force soldiers, the objective of this operation was to reconnoiter and control an area covering more than 10,000 km² with the aim of destroying and disorganizing terrorist networks.

During Operation Netero, conducted in the eastern region of Gao, the airmobile grouping (GAM) of operational search engineers, intelligence resources (DRAC, Harfang drone, Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft), Serval force armored vehicles, and Mirage 2000D patrols were engaged to conduct a helicopter operation aimed at cordoning off the entire search area. This operation was conducted jointly with some 200 Nigerien soldiers and 80 gendarmes from the Malian defense and security forces (FDSM).

Due to the size of the area, the actions were carried out in a decentralized manner, while having the capacity to regroup quickly according to the information gathered. The soldiers conducted a succession of searches and searches of the various targets. Several caches of weapons and equipment were discovered, including small-caliber weapons, several thousand rounds of small-caliber ammunition, equipment for carrying out kamikaze attacks, fuel, means of transmission and 4 pick-ups.

netero operation

netero operation