the Musée des blindés de Saumur opens at its current location

Initially located in the former hangars of the Clos Beaufort where it was inaugurated in 1977, the Musée des blindés de Saumur, or Musée des blindés Général Estienne, opened its doors in July 1996 on the Route de Fontevraud.

The notice intended for the visitors indicates: "At the end of the Second World War, the AMX establishment of Satory gathered many German vehicles recovered from various battlefields. These were renovated and refurbished for study by the French Army. Colonel Aubry, founder of the Museum, gathered these numerous pieces of equipment and others coming from more diverse horizons to help train the trainees of the EAABC (Ecole d'Application de l'Arme Blindée Cavalerie).

230 armored vehicles from all over the world are presented to the public. Among this impressive quantity of vehicles, 80 are in working order.

Tank renault FT in the museum of the armoured of Saumur

The Renault FT tank, still in working order at the Saumur armored museum, July 14
Credits: Ouest France

From 1917 to the present day, all or almost all French armored vehicles are present, their history written in their armor. The historical armored vehicles of the ARQUUS brand are listed there, such as the FT17 of Renault, the Panhard AMD 178, the Somua S-35 and many others.

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