MINUSMA (United Nations Integrated Mission for Stabilization in Mali) begins operations

It absorbs and replaces the African Union Mission, MISMA (Mission internationale de soutien au Mali sous conduite africaine) and has lasted for over 7 years.

On April 25, 2013, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2100, creating the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali: MINUSMA. Structural issues in Mali, ineffective governance, internal conflicts (especially the marginalized north) are triggering factors of this crisis.

In early January 2013, during repeated violent terrorist clashes, and in particular during the capture of Konna, the French were asked for help. Operation Serval responded, launched in January 2013 in support of the Malian defense and security forces. The deployment of MISMA took place following the start of operations in February.

Throughout these operations, Arquus has supported the armies by providing 95% of the vehicles for Operation Serval, for example. Today, many Arquus vehicles are still present in Africa, such as Bastions or TRM trucks.

On June 29, 2020, the UN Security Council decided to extend the mandate of MINUSMA for one year.