Marcel Renault wins the Paris-Vienna race

After the Paris-Berlin race in which Louis Renault took 7th place, Marcel entered the Paris-Vienna race with a lightweight K type vehicle constructed by the Renault brothers.

His finish in first place ahead of cars in all categories was applauded by the papers. He covered the journey in 15 hours 46 minutes, at an average speed of 72 km/h.

Marcel Renault completing his last lap.
Source: BNF

When questioned, Marcel Renault described his experience thus: "I will always remember an extremely hard race on dreadful, difficult and dangerous roads. My triumphant arrival in Vienna in the middle of an enthusiastic crowd." He recalled that with his brother Louis, they prepared very carefully: "We know our car, we've tested it ten times, a hundred times on the worst roads, crossing the most dangerous ditches at a furious pace with nothing shifting, nothing breaking and nothing moving." The Renault cars suddenly became famous, which led to orders and contributed to the development of the Renault brothers' company.


Book : Willy Harold Williamson, Patrick Deschamps, Louis Renault, inventeur de génie et artisan de la victoire (Louis Renault, genius inventor and artisan of victory), éditions du Triomphe.