Malmaison Battle

The Battle of Malmaison took place from October 23 to 25, 1917 during the First World War. It opposed France to the German Empire and is known for its artillery preparation which made it the strongest of the First World War until 1943, at the Battle of Kursk.

This battle was a French success in the use of the Schneider and Saint-Chamond tanks. The Saint-Chamond tank, although larger and heavier than the Schneider tank, achieved a better top speed on flat terrain thanks to its Panhard et Levassor engine without valves, driving a generator supplying power to an electric motor per track.

Engaged to support the infantry, the tanks gave great satisfaction, the outcome of the battle resulting in the abandonment of the German positions on the Chemin des Dames plateau and their withdrawal north of the Ailette.

This battle is remarkable not only for its use of tanks, but also for the illustration of the "P├ętain method", a method that is said to be economical with the lives of soldiers.

Saint-Chamond tank during the battle of Malmaison

Saint-Chamond tank during the battle of Malmaison