The "lazy" Renault truck proves its value in Africa

In June 1949, a new Renault truck model was launched, the R4140. It had the feature of a flat front and an engine positioned horizontally below the cab, which earned it the title "lazy".

The original arrangement of the engine gave more space in the cab, which could carry 3 front passengers. To prove its strength and gain publicity, an expedition to Africa was arranged.

A "lazy" Renault

The 11,000 km route went from Douala (Cameroon) to Dakar (Senegal) via Fort-Lamy (Chad) and Bamako (Mali). A televised report at the time shows the situation (see the video). When Saviem was founded in 1955, the "lazy" Renault was the first truck to take on its colours. 2 versions were produced, the 5 tonne (known as Mondragon), and the 7 tonne (known as Tancarville), and production exceed 25,000 units. 2x2 and 4x4 versions were designed for military use.


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