June 25, 1962: 5 VCOMs assigned to the FENNEC mission were handed over to the DITM in Marseille

The VCOMs, overseas combat vehicles and ancestors of the VLRA, reconnaissance and support liaison vehicle, were produced by the Ateliers Legueu of Meaux and five were purchased by the army in April 1962.

That same year, in June 1962, these VCOMs were assigned to the FENNEC mission and were about to embark for Chad. On 25 June, they were at the Direction de l'inspection technique du matériel (DITM), awaiting embarkation. This new test campaign was to establish the vehicle and the army ordered 100 examples in 1963. The army, which was then looking to replace the Dodge Power Wagon, found its replacement in the VCOM, which became the VLRA, sold in France and abroad in over 46 countries.