July 13, 1960 : Delivery of the copy of the Berliet GBC 8KT to the army for evaluation

The specific needs of the army led Berliet to propose a prototype inspired by the Gazelle truck: the GBC 8KT. It later became the GBC 180, still in service with our armies.

The name of the Berliet GBC 8KT is broken down as follows: G = intermediate range, B = 3-axle, C = normal chassis, 8 = 8-liter engine, K = multi-fuel engine, T = tactical, 6x6 = 6-wheel drive. Genuinely adapted from the Gazelle for military needs, it is equipped with a six-speed ZF gearbox, its wheelbase is increased by 22 centimeters, the cab (itself specifically military, is adapted accordingly.), the spare wheel located behind the cab is removed to increase the length of the platform, and the payload is increased to four tons.

Berliet Bourg Stockage GBC8KT, credits: Berliet Foundation

Berliet Bourg Stockage GBC8KT, credits: Berliet Foundation

The Berliet GBC 8KT was first produced in the VĂ©nissieux plant in 1961, before being produced in Bourg-en-Bresse in 1965, under the second contract. 16,500 units were delivered to the military. In the early 1990s, the army's GBC 8KTs continued to be built in the Renault factory in Limoges and the Neuvy-Pailloux arsenal (Indre).

From 1997, they will become GBC 180. The modernization will consist in a change of engine type and the adoption of the closed cabin of the civilian C yard range.