maintenance industrielle export

Industrial Maintenance Export

Thanks to its privileged partnership with the French army, which includes industrial maintenance services, Arquus has developed expertise in the regeneration of vehicles and vehicle parts. The services provided can extend their life by 5 to 15 years depending on the type of intervention.  

a tailor-made support

This expertise is based on support engineering, whose role is to establish the industrial processes that will ensure the maintainability and reparability of vehicles over time. It also relies on specialized industrial sites that are organized to optimize processes.  

Three sites are heavily involved in industrial maintenance activities. The Garchizy site is dedicated to armored bodies and the spare parts storage platform, the Saint Nazaire site is dedicated to the refurbishment line, and finally the maintenance workshops for repairable parts are in Marolles

A tailor-made offer

Depending on the request, the service can concern the replacement or the improvement of the motorization, the protection elements, or the installation of new technologies, and this on the whole range of Arquus vehicles. The use of renovation and modernization kits allows a high degree of flexibility to meet customer demands. This strong adaptability is also found at the level of the organization.  

Indeed, Arquus great expertise allows to accompany customers who want to acquire control of part of the industrial structure in their country by setting up an industrial maintenance line. This type of scheme allows the transmission of technical know-how through a transfer of knowledge of industrial processes. In this case, the fleet to be refurbished is divided by mutual agreement between the French refurbishment lines and the local refurbishment line.  

2 essential steps

During the first stage, the technical teams of the partner country are placed in immersion on the French refurbishment lines in order to increase their skills. During this stage, the industrial processes are co-written with the customers. Those are involved in the appropriation of the different organizational models at each stage of the renovation line. This immersion can take place on the French industrial maintenance sites or can be carried out at a local partner designated by mutual agreement.  

The second stage takes place at the customer's site. An industrial project manager from the Arquus teams is assigned to implement the renovation line. He first ensures the compatibility of the local infrastructure. He also organizes the layout of the stations and their number at each stage of the process. He works to increase the competence of the industrial site in terms of organization, speed and quality. These two stages are carried out at the same time.

Once the refurbishment line is operational and all vehicles have been renovated, the infrastructure can be modified with the help of Arquus teams to serve as an operational maintenance center.