Indo Defence 2018: Arquus at the forefront


Indo Defence 2018: Arquus at the forefront

From November 7 to 10, Arquus is participating in the Indo Defence 2018 international military technology expo & forum in Jakarta, Indonesia. It will be the occasion to propose its protected mobility solutions and support services, while developing its existing partnerships with Indonesian industry.

Arquus presents the Dagger armoured vehicle in Indonesia

Arquus works in close collaboration with various Indonesian industrial firms.

Organized in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Indo Defence Expo & Forum attracts the main decision-makers from the various defense authorities and companies in the region. The event provides a venue to discuss safety and security issues as well as operations to combat terrorism and cooperation in the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions.

During the expo, Arquus will be showcasing its complete range of armored vehicles and assistance solutions. The Dagger, a multidisciplinary modular armored vehicle designed for a broad spectrum of missions, will have place of honor.

To serve its customers better and meet world needs, Arquus has developed a network of industrial capabilities abroad through its many partnerships. Arquus has now been working in close cooperation with the Indonesian company PT Pindad for ten years. The Panser was designed as a result of this partnership, with Arquus providing the mobility solutions.

Close ties with Indonesia

During the last ten years, Arquus has developed strong ties with Indonesia. In particular, we produced and delivered the Sherpa Scout and armored personnel carriers that are now used by the Indonesian infantry and Indonesian units of the United Nations peacekeeping forces.

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