Inauguration of the logistics platform in Garchizy


Inauguration of the logistics platform in Garchizy

On Friday, December 7th, 2018, President LEVACHER officially opened the ARQUUS logistics platform in Garchizy (Nièvre, France). The gathering was presided by General Francis AUTRAN, Director of the SIMMT (Integrated Structure for the Maintenance of Land Equipment) and General François THIEFIN (Deputy General for Support and Maintenance to the Deputy “Plans and Programs” Chief of Staff of the Army).

Support solution for any vehicles at Fourchambault

This unique logistics center, which was baptized HUB ARQUUS, will be in charge of all vehicles currently supported by ARQUUS. It will service all institutional and industrial shareholders, may they be the Army or export clients. Garchizy already supports the first VT4 currently serving in the Army, and is currently stockpiling parts for the support of the Griffon and Jaguar vehicles of the Scorpion program.

ARQUUS HUB will be the one and only logistics center for all parts of the Jaguar and Griffon vehicles of the Scorpion program. ARQUUS is in charge of supplying all the units equipped with these vehicles, developed by the short-term consortium created with Nexter and Thales. ARQUUS, Nexter and Thales will thus supply the ARQUUS HUB, which will in turn supply all Scorpion-equipped units.

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