foundation of the French Mechanical and Automotive Company "Avant-Train Latil

The contribution of Mr. Charles Blum of a capital of 1,200,000 francs allows the Latil brothers, Georges and Lazare, to found in Levallois-Perret the Compagnie Française de Mécanique et d'Automobile " Avant-Train Latil ".

Charles Blum immediately invested in the Latil brothers' automobile industry project. As a polytechnician, the automobile is the industry of the future in his eyes. He therefore saved the Latil brothers from bankruptcy in order to participate in the development of this industry. After the creation in July 1905, this company becomes in 1912 the limited partnership with shares "Charles Blum & Cie".

Latil advertising poster

The success of the TAR (Tracteur d'Artillerie Roulante) Latil earned it an award from the Ministry of War in 1913. It is agreed that the buyers of this model of vehicle can be reimbursed up to 30% of the purchase price by the Ministry of War, but in compensation, the vehicle is requisitioned in case of mobilization, with the driver.