The environment in the heart of our commitment

The environment in the heart of our commitment

Arquus has developed its environmental charter in order to strengthen its performance and be more competitive. Since March 2019, all the Volvo group sites in France have been powered by 100% renewable electricity. In keeping with the environmental approach of the group, and going hand in hand with the decision of Ministry of the Armed Forces to be beyond reproach in terms of ecology in the development of weapons systems, Arquus is showing great agility and demonstrating its ability to challenge itself.

The environment at the center of our vehicles' life cycle

With this in mind, the strategy developed by Arquus is built into every stage of product development. Right from the design stage, the environmental dimension is taken into account by compliance with legal requirements, customer requirements and the involvement of suppliers to reduce the ecological impacts generated by the vehicle during its life cycle.

Life cycle analysis of the product with the Ecolizer 2.0 tool show that over 92 % of the environmental impact is linked to the vehicle use phase. Actions are then taken to reduce the fuel consumption of our internal combustion vehicles, by choosing engines with lower emissions such as EURO V for example, and so help users to adopt a more economic and more environmentally friendly driving technique. At the end of life, the emphasis is on guaranteeing the recycling or recovery of a substantial part of the products, with the aim of reusing the materials and components used.

Continuous improvement of our industrial sites

Arquus is also implementing a policy of continuous improvement within its sites, which are committed to protecting the environment. They are adopting measures to prevent all types of pollution for all operations (containment, double skin fuel tank, etc.) in order to protect the various environments: land, air and sea. Compliance with European and French legislation on classified installations for the protection of the environment, and due care concerning nuisances affecting the surroundings, are also taken into consideration. Better management of waste and chemical products leads to improved follow-up of energy consumption and also preserves natural resources.

Arquus, referent to the Ministry of Armies

Above all, these actions require the commitment of Arquus personnel and those of our subcontractors via internal and external awareness-raising, including: HSE induction, Health, Safety and the Environment, HSE audits in the field, or prevention plans.

The introduction of this policy is bearing fruit, as evidenced by the IS0 14001 certification obtained in 2016; this certification was an objective that Arquus set itself in 2012. In addition, Arquus is an adviser to the Ministry of the Armed Forces thanks to the process and the tool introduced for the collection and traceability of its subcontractors' data.

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