entry of the Germans in the factory of Limoges

In June 1942, the free zone was invaded. Gnome et Rhône recruited many emigrants fleeing the occupied zone. Many young people potentially subject to the STO (Obligatory Work Service) were employed by the factory and remained there safe from deportation.

 When the Germans arrived at the entrance to the Gnome et Rhône factory, the gate was closed. The janitor nicknamed "the PIPELET" received the occupying forces. He had lost a leg during 1914 - 1918 and welcomed them with all his decorations on his chest. The German military detachment presented him with their weapons before entering!  

When they entered the factory, the young people concerned by the STO immediately swam away by the Vienne river or on foot, to join the maquis. 

Limoges during the Second World War
source : AJPN.org