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The temporary company grouping EBMR delivers the 92nd GRIFFON to the DGA, in accordance with commitments

On 24 December 2019, the temporary company grouping EBMR (Multi-Role Armoured Vehicles) received the inspection report for the 92nd VBMR-GRIFFON from the quality department of the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA/SQ).

The temporary company grouping EBMR meets its delivery objectives for 2019

The group team consisting of Nexter, Arquus and Thales thus meets its delivery objectives for 2019, in accordance with the initial order of April 2017 and the military programming law 2019-2025.


At the beginning of July 2019, a first batch of six vehicles was handed over to the French army by the DGA in the presence of Madame Florence Parly, the French Army minister.

The production of the 92 GRIFFON vehicles was completed and certified within 6 months, representing true industrial performance and showing the continuing commitment of the grouping to the armed forces.

The Nexter, Arquus and Thales teams have mobilised with DGA teams to deliver the development, qualification and production commitments of the GRIFFON. They are working together to design a vehicle with a high level of protection, optimum ergonomics, high mobility, an effective weapons system, the latest generation communications, and equipped with new functions (sensors, electronics, algorithms) for collaborative combat.

Overall, the SCORPION programme plans for the temporary company grouping to deliver 1872 GRIFFON vehicles to the French army; of these, 936 vehicles will be presented between now and 2025, with all the associated logistical support resources. 128 GRIFFON vehicles are expected to be delivered in 2020.

Role of each member of the temporary company grouping in the GRIFFON programme:

Arquus designs and produces the complete GRIFFON driveline, which is all the parts and units providing vehicle mobility. This driveline, which redefines the mobility standards for armoured troop transport vehicles, provides the latest generation off-road performance, enabling it to travel alongside the other vehicles in the SCORPION programme in all conditions. Arquus also designs and supplies the GRIFFON's remotely operated self-defence systems, using common parts from the SCORPION programme. These remotely operated turrets use the most modern technologies: Full HD digital imaging, direct sharing of tactical situations in augmented reality on the marksman's screen, and extended connectivity with vetronics putting the turret in the centre of collaborative combat.

Arquus provides logistics for all the replacement parts and units for the Griffon vehicles in the Scorpion programme, through its logistics platform at Garchizy.

Nexter acts as an agent in the context of the EBMR grouping. Nexter is in charge of the development and production of the structure of the vehicles, including the armoured body, ballistic and CBRN protection solutions, and interior layout. Thanks to the high-precision machining and robotised welding operations, the mechanically welded structure of the GRIFFON's aluminium body provides the best protection performance for servicemen. Nexter is responsible for assembling the vehicles and integrating all the systems and equipment supplied by the members of the grouping. Within the EBMR grouping, Arquus designs and produces the driveline of the Griffon, providing the latest generation off-road performance. Arquus also supplies the Griffon's remotely operated self-defence systems, using common parts from the Scorpion programme.

Thales brings to the vehicles all the technologies for using data and information for collaborative platform engagement. This includes on-board common vetronics, based on computers and providing the link between the navigation, protection, observation and communication systems. It facilitates the management and fusion of all the data from the vehicle. The CONTACT software radio supports networking for the forces, by providing real time communication capacities. These systems, connected to the information system and limiting combatant exposure to potential threats, aim to provide a decisive advantage to units by extending their intelligence and operation capacity.



About Arquus

Arquus is a French defence company, a leader in ground mobility solutions. As a long-standing partner of the armed forces, Arquus has almost 25,000 vehicles of all types in service in the French army, including 20,000 supported by the company. Arquus is taking part in the production of the new generation of Army vehicles, the VBMR Griffon and EBRC Jaguar, produced by the Temporary Company Grouping. In particular, Arquus is responsible for supplying the drivelines and the remotely operated self-defence systems for these two vehicles. Arquus also provides all the logistics for replacement parts and units for the VBMR and EBRC vehicles in the Scorpion programme through its new logistics platform at Garchizy. As a support specialist, with almost 20,000 vehicles supported on a daily basis, Arquus offers complete support solutions, based on the company's historical competencies. These solutions rely on an international logistics network supported by the network of the Volvo Group, of which Arquus is a member. Arquus is an innovative company, investing in major projects such as architecture, survivability, mobility, energy, robotisation, fire support, and support. As a complete systems integration manufacturer, ARQUUS also offers remotely operated turrets (Hornet range, developed in the context of the Scorpion programme), vetronics solutions (Battlenet), and mobility solutions (4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 chassis). Arquus exports to more than 60 countries.

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