A desert trial for 6 EBR

The first overseas cavalry regiment based at Constantine received the first EBR at the end of 1957. This led to the organising of a 6000 km "out and back" trial from the north coast of Algeria to the Nigerian border.

The operation, entrusted to the Foreign Legion, was carefully prepared. The vehicles were prepared with reinforced suspension, with the addition of 4 cross plates per vehicle, larger drinking water tanks etc.

Route of the EBR trial from January to March 1958

A technical support team accompanied the trial, using Berliet Gazelle and GLR 8 Trucks. The aim of this operation was to carry men and equipment, to demonstrate the French presence and to publicise the Foreign Legion, thanks to the participation of photographers from the SCA (Army cinematography service) who produced news reports. Around a hundred people participated in the trial which proved the strength of the EBR supplied by Panhard.


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