Delivery of the first Armoured Infantry Combat Vehicles (VBCI)

The 35th Belfort Infantry Regiment is the first to be equipped with AICV. On this occasion, Hervé Morin Minister of Defence and General Irastorza, Chief of the Land Staff (CLS) meet up at Valdahon camp to preside over a regimental exercise.

Bringing significant progress in terms of mobility, protection and communications compared to its predecessor AMX 10 P, the VBCI, served by a crew of 2, can carry 9 soldiers with their equipment.

Operational by day and by night, its role is to allow the debarkation of a combat group as close as possible to the target and provide it with fire support.

VBCI in Mali in 2015 during Barkhane Operation

The minister declares: "This is a piece of equipment that perfectly meets our expectations, a high-value armoured vehicle, of French manufacture and technology, and tested by one of our finest regiments."

As of 2010, the VBCI is engaged in Afghanistan, in 2013 it is one of the stars of Serval, in Mali, then the Barkhane operation in the Sahel.


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