the day the TRM10000 replaced the VAB

The adaptation of soldiers goes hand in hand with the adaptability of their equipment. The testimony below reports this symbiosis between the GTIA of Operation Panthère 3 and the TRM 10000.

The troops of the GTIA moved on the TRM 10000, source " Au Contact ".

"February 2013: the GTIA is committed to northern Mali and must set up on its outlet line to begin Operation Panther 3, whose objective is to search for and destroy the enemy entrenched in the Amettettaï valley. At the Tessalit base of departure, there were no APCs or transport trucks to facilitate the deployment. It was decided to use the only vehicles available. These are trucks for transporting equipment: TRM 10000 plateau, belonging to the artillery, which are waiting to reach Gao."

These vehicles are absolutely not intended for the transport of troops, wooden pallets are thus adapted to constitute benches of fortune and straps are fixed to act as sideboards

"This ingenious stowage system makes it possible to load one section per tray. The companies were thus put in place in the desert in unprecedented conditions, after an 8-hour journey before the exit on foot into the heart of the massif. This adaptation was decisive: it enabled the mission to be carried out on schedule and to surprise the enemy on its own ground.

source: "Au contact" magazine