Civic engagement

Arquus also celebrates diversity, youth and equity, with various activities such as those in favour of the suburbs (Aux Sports, Jeunes Citoyens) or the professional reintegration of job seekers in the regions.

Arquus promotes the military reserve, whether operational or civic, thanks to a partnership with the Ministry of the Armed Forces that dates back to 2016 and facilitates the practice of operational activities by its employees.


In June 2016, Arquus signed an agreement with the Ministry of Defence in favour of the military reserve. In concrete terms, we offer our employees the possibility of spending 15 days a year in the reserves - the legal limit is 5 days - without counting them as leave and while maintaining their salary.

For Arquus, this civic commitment is both a contribution to the nation's efforts to address security and defence issues and an illustration of our solidarity with the military community.

At Arquus, we are convinced that welcoming reservists into our group is a win-win initiative.

  • In this way, we contribute - within the limits of our means - to the reinforcement of the armed forces (protection of national territory and OPEX) and security forces (patrols, rescue, etc.) in a tense security context.


  • For our employees who sign up, it is a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and, for many, to accomplish a particularly rewarding civic mission.