Arquus, Systems integrator


Arquus, Systems integrator

Arquus designs and manufactures systems suited for use on all terrains, while guaranteeing operational effectiveness and crew protection, mobility, durability and integrability in ever more multi-faceted networks, in order to meet the requirement for versatile defence solutions.

Looking for a constant Innovation

Arquus places innovation at the heart of its business model. Thanks to its R&D centers, and to the whole Volvo Group's support, the company has developed numerous innovations on own equity. These innovations include the fields of robotization and teleoperation. Among other innovations, Arquus has developed a concept adapted to military operation convoy needs, which enables several vehicles to follow each other automatically and at a given distance, with no need for any infrastructure or GPS. Arquus has also developed a system to remotely control a vehicle beyond visual range, allowing that vehicles to be moved around areas in which the operator's security cannot be guaranteed.

Arquus is now developing a range of Remote Controlled Weapon Stations. Arquus delivers all the component parts: high-precision mechanics, secure electronics, optronics and image processing, dynamic control. The Hornet range RCWS are highly dependable and deliver optimum connectivity, with the tactical situation being displayed on screen.

Arquus developped full and unique offers, allowing to answer all needs as close as possible to the operators. To that effect, the company creates partnerships with carefully selected partners. Find out about the Arquus systems on Stand F267 in Hall 5A.

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