Arquus support The Ecole de Guerre’s rugby union team

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Arquus support The Ecole de Guerre’s rugby union team

The Ecole de Guerre’s (French War College) rugby union team was hosting the Elysée’s XV yesterday on the RC Suresnes’ playing pitch, on the top of Mount Valérien. The game, which was played in very harsh conditions, rain, snow and heavy wind, saw both sides competing in equally harsh ways for the final victory. In a very remarkable display of physicality and will, the officers’ side overcame a very brave Elysée team by a narrow margin of 5-0. ARQUUS, which also sponsors the Ecole de Guerre through Association Mars, provided with a referee, thus contributing to this heartwarming moment of sharing and solidarity.

In the frame of its commitment to Defense thinking and formation, which are two pillars of its CSR policy, ARQUUS renews its partnership with the Ecole de Guerre. The company contributes every year to the exchanges by sending auditors which seat alongside the officers.

Also commited to the Defense sports, ARQUUS specifically sponsors the Ecole de Guerre’s rugby union team. The company wishes to promote the satisfaction of effort, and team spirit. ARQUUS also hopes to contribute to the visibility of top-class sport within the Defence community, and to the Army-Nation links.

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