Arquus Marolles

Arquus Marolles

Centre of excellence for engine militarisation, manufacturing and repair of mechanical components

In the heart of Arquus Marolles

The Arquus Marolles site is responsible for the production of the T3 remotely operated turrets for the vehicle's self-defense system, as well as all engine preparation operations for the Jaguar EBRC. This is a major source of industrial activity for the Marolles center.

The Marolles plant specializes in running gear kits. These kits consist of six gearboxes and three axles per vehicle, i.e. a total of 11,496 gearboxes and 5,748 axles, i.e. 17,244 components to be manufactured to equip 1,668 Griffons and 248 Jaguars. The Marolles site is responsible for assembly, testing, painting, packaging and shipping to Limoges for assembly at Nexter's Roanne site. Deliveries will be made until 2031!

Fabrication de moteurs VBL

La soudure est une activité réalisée sur le site industriel d'Île-de-France

Réparation de moteurs sur le site de Marolles

TTO Hornet fabriqué sur le site de Marolles-en-Hurepoix

Arquus Marolles: committed men and women

The Marolles site currently employs about 300 people in a wide range of professions. All our job offers are available on our website HERE.

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The history of the Arquus Marolles site

By chance, Marolles-en-Hurepoix is the birthplace of Emile Levassor (1843-1897), the engineer who became René Panhard's partner and whose name is integrated into the name of the car manufacturer. Is this the reason for the installation of the Marolles factory, today one of the five Arquus sites, in the wake of Panhard? There is no evidence to support this, but there is a presumption.

But it is only since 1973 that the factory is specialized in the production of armored vehicles and, in particular, tests. When the Porte d'Ivry factory closed in 2005, the SCMPL (Société de Construction Mécanique Panhard et Levassor) moved to Marolles-en-Hurepoix and then became Panhard Generale Defense.

  • 1973: Opening of the Marolles-en-Hurepoix site, the birthplace of Emile Levassor, associate of Panhard, who will specialize in the production and testing of and testing of armoured vehicles.
  • 1981: The French army orders 15,000 units of the P4 (gasoline and diesel combined), which is eventually reduced to 13,500 units following the reduction in the number of army personnel. From 1985 onwards, production is transferred to the Panhard factory in Marolles-en-Hurepoix, where 6,000 vehicles are produced.
  • 2005: Auverland buys SCMPL from Peugeot, but keeps the Panhard Defense brand. The Panhard site at Porte d'Ivry closes and the activities are transferred to Marolles-en-Hurepoix.
  • 2008: Start of production of the 1183 PVP at Marolles-en-Hurepoix. First deliveries of VBCI.
  • 2016 : The DGA orders 250 PVP floor protection kits against mines. The first 120 are delivered to the forces, while the next 130 are mounted on vehicles at Marolles.