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ARQUUS HUB / Spare parts / supply chain

Since 2019, we've transferred our “spare parts” business from our production sites to our future logistics platform in Garchizy.


We adapt our supply chain to our customers’ needs by optimising the cost/performance ratio. It is based on:

  • The military spare parts logistics platform at Garchizy in France,
  • A dedicated team that manages orders for France and abroad from start to finish,
  • Stocks sent to our approved repairers in close proximity to our customers.

Because of our expertise and international presence, we are responsible for the logistics of all spare parts (storage and supply) for the Scorpion programme.


Since 2018, the Arquus Hub has been dedicated to the logistics of organs and spare parts for vehicles supported by Arquus, in France and abroad. This platform is thus the reference logistics center for most of the 25,000 Arquus vehicles currently in service with the French Army.

The logistic platform of Garchizy : a reference

The missions handled by the Arquus Hub are very diverse: management of parts expiration, treatment of obsolescence, stock maintenance of technical parts, creation of complex customized kits and management for others (storage of parts and spare parts within the framework of the EBMR GME).

The Arquus Hub also manages Initial Projection Autonomies (IPA), i.e. the creation of containers containing the stocks required to support the vehicles over the long term, both for external operations and exercises. These various current site activities represent the processing of approximately 3,000 parts and mechanical components per day. 

Key platform for SCOPRION

The Arquus Hub is a unique logistics platform for VBMR and EBRC vehicle spare parts, as well as for the common components of the SCORPION program. The Arquus Hub is contractually responsible for making these components available to user regiments within very short deadlines. These activities should accelerate in 2020 and 2021 with the continuation of deliveries of GRIFFON MBRs and the start of deliveries of EBRCs. 

The Garchizy platform is participating in the transformation of the land-based MCO in the service of the armed forces. Since 2018, it has been added to Arquus' historical activities on the site, i.e. the repair of Army armored vehicles (VAB in particular) and the production of armored boxes. 


The ARQUUS ELEMENTS Webshop is an interactive service for ordering spare parts online.

1. Custom catalog consultation

  • Contextualized to the customer's fleet
  • One entry by vehicle range
  • Navigating the RT standards
  • General/Customer Pricing
  • Availability of spare parts

2. Online spare parts order

  • Quick ordering without navigation
  • Possibility to renew orders
  • Wish list spare parts
  • Rights and profile management

3. Order tracking

  • Real-time visibility of order status
  • Management of order history
  • Interface with our logistics platform

4. Request for quotation

  • Pre-filled Rate Request Form
  • Online request tracking and response
  • Validation of the request and associated order 

What are the benefits of Elements?

  • Availability status of spare parts in stock
  • Reduction of the time of passage of the orders (order acknowledged by the manufacturer in - 24h)
  • Reliability and speed of estimates (estimate validated by the manufacturer according to the availability of parts)
  • Real-time traceability of the order status
  • Annual update of the customer repository