Amédée Bollée made 230 km with L'Obéissante to go from Le Mans to Paris, in 18 hours

After obtaining the authorization of circulation of his vehicle from the prefect of the Sarthe, Amédée Bollée finalizes his ambitious project of joining Le Mans to Paris. This was the beginning of his driving license.

The Obéissante

The Obéissante driven by Amédée Bollée fils in September 1923, at the Coupe Mancelle de l'ACO, circuit de la Sarthe.

In spite of his repeated stops at each passage in a new department, his arrival in Paris has a considerable repercussion because the regular and silent functioning of his vehicle contrasted with the automobile experiments of the time.

The authorization granted by the prefect of the Sarthe was used as a driving license, however, as the traffic code did not provide for cars, he was fined 75 times. But a public demonstration with the prefect of police on board quickly settled this dispute and he obtained the right to drive at a maximum speed of 16km/h.

Driver's license for the Obedient, August 26, 1875

Driver's license for the Obedient, August 26, 1875