ACMAT becomes a registered company

Founded by René Legueu in Meaux in 1948, ALM (Ateliers Legueu de Meaux) converted Panhard and Ford vehicles into all-terrain vehicles which were in high demand at a time of reconstruction and oil exploration.

In 1954, René Legueu designed his own all-terrain truck, the Hotchkiss 4x4 (TH4), followed by a small 4x4, known as the VCOM overseas combat vehicle, purchased by the Army in 1962.

Medical VLRA

When orders dropped at the end of the Algerian War of Independence, Paul Legueu, René’s son, took over from his father and created ACMAT in Saint Nazaire in 1966.

He brought out a new version of the VCOM, renamed the VLRA, a liaison, reconnaissance and support vehicle highly appreciated by the French army. It has been the French President’s command car in the Bastille Day military parade for 40 years.

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Photo source and credit: French Army