15 June 1940 : AMD 178 destroyed two Panzer IV tanks

The AMD 178 is the result of a request from the army staff to build reconnaissance armoured units in the early 1930s. Preceded by the AMD 172, then the AMD 175, the AMD 178 was presented in great secrecy in 1939 and 200 examples were to equip 11 cavalry squadrons.

In the middle of the conflict with the Germans, the AMD 178 was designed to be superior in every way to German reconnaissance vehicles such as the Panzerspähwagen Leichter Sd.Kfz 222. Renowned for its ability to go anywhere, with a 110 hp engine, its 25mm cannon can fire armor-piercing shells, penetrating the armor of Panzer I and II and the side armor of Panzer III and IV.

The only example of the AMD 178 equipped with a turret armed with a 47 mm SA 35 gun destroyed two Panzer IV heavy tanks in the Yonne region, during the battle of the Etigny bridge, on June 15th 1940. Operating within the 1st self-propelled gun regiment of the 4th light mechanical division, this unit was scuttled on June 17, 1940 at Cosnes-sur-Loire, blocked on the right bank of the Loire River.

Panhard P 178 47 mm

Source, chars-français.net

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