108 VAB are being tested in regiments

In May 1975, the French Army selected the SAVIEM VAB 4x4 over the Berliet VXB 170 and the Panhard VAB 6x6. Ordered to meet the criteria of troop transport, amphibious and NBC protected, the VAB will be tested from September 1977 to September 1978 in regiment.

The 67th infantry regiment of Soissons received the VAB in its various versions (ATV, ambulance, PC, 120 mm mortar) to test it in the field. The VABs were supported by the 404th light equipment repair company of Noyon.

During this experiment, 20,000 kilometers were covered by the vehicles, resulting in a list of improvements drawn up by the users. Each possible improvement is noted and sent as a request for evolution to the design office which integrates them. These requests only concern secondary elements, and do not question the general design of the equipment. The second regiment to be equipped is the 110th infantry in Donaueschingen, Germany. Production for the French Army was staggered until May 1993, when the 3,975th unit was delivered.

Source : Army, ARQUUS military vehicle, 130 years of history

Infographie : VAB

Graphic : VAB - Armoured Frontal Vehicle, rights : Army